United Global Water Holdings Limited (UGWH) has a clear expansion strategy.

LEI: 529900U86C16X7DFUD34
Companies House # 09156200
Valor: 38994588
ISIN (Class “A”): GB00BGL80Q06

With a shareholder base of more than 200 investors and an Exit Strategy by means of going public on a major Stock Exchange, UGWH is in the process of finalizing the last investment round.

UGW Holdings investing policy is to acquire a diverse global portfolio of direct and indirect interests in exploration, development and production of water facilities and assets.

COMMUNICATION REGARDING CLASS “A” ORDINARY SHARES In our endeavour to increase transparency with regards to share pricing we have reported all share transactions conducted since January 2020 to SIX Swiss Stock Exchange and are pleased to announce that the Class “A” Ordinary Shares are henceforth registered under the “Valoren Number” 38994588. We will report the latest transactions weekly and prices are updated in the system by Credit Suisse AG. An investor has now the opportunity to request his/her investment house to activate the Valoren Number in their ledger so that the certificates can be electronically registered and properly reflected on the portfolio statements.


Every living species should have access to clean drinking water no matter where they live and irrespective of their economic status.

Our unique technologies assure that even heavily water polluting industries such as industrial laundry services, soap manufactures, meat processing plants, textile manufacturers, Petrochemical plants, the Oil and Gas producing and service industries and even the manufacturers of the environmentally friendly Lithium-ion Battery can return cleaned water back into the natural cycle without harm to the environment.


Our Impact Is Responsible & Sustainable

Unfortunately, this is not the case because the most densely populated areas in the world have the most polluted water, the oldest unreliable infrastructure and often the lowest fresh water reserves.

By managing our resources responsibly we provide healthy drinking water for single households or to entire communities at affordable prices.

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