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Water is a scarce resource, not optimally allocated to the needs of people around the globe and has already become more precious than gold.

Our underlying business model is based on four core strategies that are implemented through our own specialized subsidiary companies as well as through licensed distribution and service partners.


We own and operate spring and artesian water sources.


We develop and sponsor technologies focused on water purification and wastewater treatment. We are in the process of operating two distinct types of facilities, applying our technologies by purifying drinking water and treating water contaminated by the oil producing and oil services industry.


We are building up a water distribution and export business to supply water to regions where there is a high demand for qualitative mineral water of high quality.


In the future we will expand our footprint by entering the business of trading water rights, a tightly controlled niche market for the time being that is hampered in its development by harmfully protective regulations.


We want to be recognized as a leading environmental solutions company

We focus on distinct technologies and services for water purification and wastewater treatment, as well as resource recovery and management.

Illinois & Texas, USA

Operation of facilities for the purification of industrially polluted water;
Portable Disinfectia Sprayer Units for Virus cleaning

Cyprus & Oregon, USA

Plant in Cyprus operating for over 10 years;
Extraction, bottling and distribution of artesian water from water well properties in Oregon;


We are dedicated to protect our environment by using its’ resources responsibly while preserving the surrounding natural environment.

Improper waste water disposal has been a global issue since the start of the industrial age. With our waste water treatment technologies we are not only making it easier for companies to properly manage their waste water, but also to make it economical and in many cases positive to their bottom line.


Growing and evolving access to clean water for everyone

and commercializing waste water treatment solutions making it the most economical solution to corporations waste water disposal needs.