United Global Water commercializes wastewater treatment solutions making it the most economical solution to corporations’ wastewater disposal needs.

The underlying business model is based on four core strategies that are implemented through own specialized subsidiary companies as well as through licensed distribution and service partners.


Own and operate spring and artesian water sources.


Develop and sponsor technologies focused on water purification and wastewater treatment.


Build a water distribution and export business to supply water to regions with a high demand.


Expand the footprint by entering the business of trading water rights.


To be recognized as a leading environmental solutions company.

The focus lies on distinct technologies and services for water purification and wastewater treatment, as well as resource recovery and management.

Illinois & Texas, USA

Operation of facilities for the purification of industrially polluted water;
Portable Disinfectia Sprayer Units for Virus cleaning

Cyprus & Oregon, USA

Plant in Cyprus operating for over 10 years;
Extraction, bottling and distribution of artesian water from water well properties in Oregon;


Dedicated to protect the environment by using its resources responsibly while preserving the surrounding natural environment.

Improper wastewater disposal has been a global issue since the start of the industrial age. With the wastewater treatment technologies it will not only be easier for companies to properly manage their wastewater, but also to make it economical and in many cases positive to their bottom line.


To grow and increase access to clean water for everyone.

United Global Water Holdings Limited is organized in a way that the technical expertise and know how is secured on subsidiary level.

Each subsidiary company has a highly sophisticated and dedicated management team with a proven and recognized track record which spans over 20+ years.

The board is responsible for creating value for shareholders, determining strategy, investment and acquisition policy, approving significant items of expenditure as well as financing and legal matters.

The company reports annually on the number of board and committee meetings held during the year and the attendance.

On holding level, the board of directors and management team consists out of entrepreneurs, finance experts, and professionals of the resource industry.

The board is aware that the culture set by the board will greatly impact all aspects of the company as a whole and the way that partners, contractors and advisors behave.

The corporate governance arrangements that the board has adopted are designed to ensure long term value and returns to its shareholders.

Board of Directors and Management


Rolf HessFounder & Chairman

Rolf has 30 years of experience as a consultant, board member and private equity entrepreneur. He’s also an author of two books, last in 2009 - “The arrogance of money”.


Janine BramallNon Executive Director


Norbert A. StockerDirector & CEO

Norbert spent over 30 years in private and investment banking. Since 2005 he pursued projects in natural resources and has been a member of the board ever since.


Garry MillerNon Executive Director

Garry began his career in 1978 at PaineWebber, in crude oil futures and stock portfolios. He’s been the Group’s man on the ground in USA, since 2007.


Robert RosinskiManaging Director General Wastewater

Rob’s core knowledge of the oil industry spans over three decades of productivity. His ownership of several oil and water recovery companies ranged from the production of private label motor oil, to operating in the vast Oil Tanking terminals of Texas.


Lutfi TalibNon Executive Director

Marco started his business career after 10 years in the cultural artistic world. He has had over 30 years professional experience as founding partner and CEO of a strong team of business consultants in executive search and business arbitration.