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Water defined by origin is the leading product type for United States local brands, as well as the majority of local brands outside Europe.

Spring water is the term used to refer to H20 collected directly from an underground spring where it rises to the surface.

It’s rich in trace minerals and considered to be one of the best types of water for hydration and health benefits.

Spring water is collected directly from a natural source,

natural aquifers and must be bottled at the source.

UK sources of spring water must meet certain hygiene standards and may be further treated so they meet pollution regulations.

However, it doesn’t have to undergo the same rigorous 2-year regulatory process as natural mineral water.

British bottlers and suppliers can extract water from different wells/sources in the same area.

Therefore if one source becomes polluted they can continue supplying from the same aquifer but extracted from a different well. For this reason, most of the larger bottlers in the UK sell spring water as it allows for continuity of supply.

Waters defined by origin, often called “Spring Water”

  • Come from a specific underground (or sometimes surface) source
  • Have not passed through a community water system
  • Are protected within set vulnerability perimeters to avoid pollution and contamination
  • Are consistently fit for human consumption at the source and kept in that state until bottled
  • Are not subject to any modification or treatment other than those permitted by this standard

Mineral vs Spring Water